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Don't feed the Glock owners!

I to don't think of what model is the perfect handgun. I can't even think of which is my favorite "handgun" let alone perfect.

For there purpose, they all, if not most fit that bill of intended uses. I think it's not the word perfect, but most well rounded.
A .357mag comes to mind, but, which one is more well rounded than the other's? To me, it's my Ruger SP101 3". Carrie able, powerful, and tamable, also pretty (to me).

I'm kind of stigmatized by the Glock's from when they first came out. 30 years later or so, I'm a proud owner a Glock 20 SF (10mm).

TBS, the options that are available for that frame. Long slide, screw on comp's, flame hiders and silencers, 6.61" screw tipped barrel, 9X25 dillon drop in 6" barrel, 40cal drop in barrel, 357sig drop in barrel. 45cal slide, and a 460 Rowland kit (44mag power in a Glock). Time for me to hit another jackpot.
Time to go to school kids and find out more of this Glock, the best, most powerful Glock IN THE WORLD!
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