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I've currently got 2 (.243 and .308). The .243 was and hand-me-down from my grandfather that he shortened the LOP and added a muzzlebrake (for my dad after severe neck surgery). That rifle to this day is still one of my grab and go to guns. I know its not worth 1000's but to me it is worth 1,000,000's. I've killed one of my biggest deer and my biggest hog with it. It's had 5 different scopes. Countless experimental loads. The only thing was it left me wanting more. Then earlier this year I found the .308win. It took me almost 6 years find one and when I did, I didn't hesitate. But it had a bad trigger so in went a Timney(REALLY LIKE IT!!!). I worked up a nice load with .115gr sierra prohunters that my grandfather had left over from I think the 80's. I slapped on a new 3-9x52 Redfield Revenge and started using it last weekend for SE whitetail. These aren't fancy rifles but will remain one of my personal favorites. So know anyone selling one in the odd ball .44mag? lol
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