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Well, I checked my finances and found I wouldn't be able to get the Ruger this week. I'd forgotten vehicle registration on two vehicles is due, as well as insurance(Registration is expensive in CA and insurance is thru the roof with a teenage driver!). All this has to happen before the end of the week.

Went back to the Place where I'd seen the Single-Six, to salivate over it again. It is a three screw and seems like the upgrade has been done to it. Oh, and it comes with a little holster.

Well, I got to talking with the guy and told him I liked it, but didnt have to money this week and to my surprize the guy said "Don't worry, whats your name? I'll set it aside for 10-12 days. Will that work?"

I couldn't believe that!!! The not so evil after all pawn shop guy is holding that bad boy for me !!!
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