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thats some great shooting, I don't care what position you were in, thats some great shooting

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thats some great shooting as well
In my 60's now with lineless trifocals and some floaters in my eyes I could not do that well either
Almost 70, near sighted with astigmatism and cataracts forming but not bad enough to operate on yet. In addition I have diabetes so my ability to see anything clear is long behind me. My only saving grace is prescription shooting glasses with a 30" focal point and a whole lot of practice. I never expect to see the groups I shoot considering how little of the target I can see, that is why I use an orange bullseye. Basically I just set the orange blob on top of my sight and concentrate on front sight and trigger squeeze. That's all I can do. Every gun I have with one exception can shoot better than I can. There is a Ruger P94 in my gun locker that I do good with just staying on paper at 25 yards.

About a hundred years ago When I was teaching young police officers I would occasionally get one to laughing at my 45 and when asked why he would explain that his (daddy, uncle, grandpa, pick one), had explained to him that the gun was useless beyond 25', 50', 25 yards, pick one), and that you might just as well throw the 45 pistol at the bad guy as to try and shoot him.

I would give that young officer a 50 yard target and have him post it on the 100 yard line and then I would shoot 5 shots with my 22, my 45 and his 38 spcl service revolver. (hey I told you this was a while back)

Then I would send him down to get the target while I lit up a cigar and waited for him. This same guy I could not get to stop bull gazing and was shooting 20" patterns at 25 yards all of a sudden became a believer in his gun and started to serious listen to what I was telling him.

I didn't make long range shooters out of them but they did tighten up their groups a lot at the ranges I had them shooting at, 50' and 75' and when they got a chance to shoot the qual course at the big old silhouette targets they used back then all of the shots of all of my students would be in a kill zone. There was no magic, just convincing them that basic fundamentals work and to have confidence in their gun whatever it was.

All of you can do it, just dial in your brain that you can do it, then have faith in your gun and know that at a short range like 100 yards the bullet drop is not that significant. Stretch it out to 200 yards and its even more fun but now you have a little bit of drop to factor in.
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