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B&J Machine, makers of the Universal P500 Sight Tool

Some years ago I purchased a P500 Sight Tool and have used it to adjust the sights on some of my pistols.

Not too long ago, I was using it to adjust the sight on a pistol and was not careful about getting everything properly aligned before tightening the pusher screw. The result was that I cross-threaded the pusher screw and damaged some other parts. Yes, before you ask, it took a good deal of effort, but I was determined.

At any rate, the contact information for B&J machine, the maker of the tool, was stickered on the bottom of the tool. I finally got up the nerve and contacted them last week via email and asked them about purchasing replacement parts for the tool to repair the damage. The VP of B&J machine, Jim O'Brien, responded to my email and asked for my address and told me that he would ship the parts at no charge.

I sent back a confession making it clear that I had damaged the parts myself by not being careful (the instructions have a bold-faced caution about getting everything aligned properly before applying pressure to the pusher screw--so I couldn't even claim ignorance) and that I was not making a warranty claim. Mr. O'Brien responded that he understood but that there would still be no charge.

The parts arrived today and I once again have a fully functional P500. No charge for the parts required to fix my screwup, and not even any charge for shipping. Nice.
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