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winter carry ammo advice

I've been contemplating now for a few weeks on what ammo to use this winter for my EDC S&W bodyguard .380. My 'normal' carry ammo is Fiocchi 90 gr. w/Hornady XTP hollow point bullet. Due to my particular build,pocket carry is really my only main option. Plus,I don't yet own a small-ish single stack 9mm (i.e. Kel-tec P9,Ruger LC9,Taurus 709 etc.) Now,I live in the suburb of a large midwestern city. Needless to say the winter months here can be absolutely brutal. Hence,it involves lots of layers of thick clothing to stay warm when leaving the house. I'm talking underwear,thick sweatshirt or flannel,then a thick coat and sometimes a light jacket in between.

Considering what I have 'on hand' at the house. Should I stay with the Fiocchi HP or switch to a FMJ to have a better chance at getting through more layers?

Yes,I know I can go out and buy something like Critical defense or Critical duty ammo. And I still might decide to do that. But,funds are tight and I already have ammo available to me at home. Thoughts and ideas????
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