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Yea you caught me . The one AR that has the problems with the lake city stuff I did a fluff and buff on the trigger . Got it down to 4 lbs .I think me stoning and buffing the trigger and hammer so they are as smooth as glass is what droped the trigger wieght from 7 to 7 1/2 lbs to 4 lbs the most but I did bend the hammer sping a little , about 15 degrees . I'll put one of my extra hammer springs back in and see if I get less failers .

As far as rimfire , I just felt the thread could get way out of control if people started talking about rimfire's and reliablity . I can give one example worth mentioning . I have put something like 800 to 1,000 rounds through my XD9 With no failers to feed , extract or fire ( NOT ONE ) it goes bang every time , Now with my Ruger mk3 I have shot 3 times that much out of it and well I have had many failers of all types . I would not say alot but many more then none like the XD . I now almost exclusively use some type of CCI out of all my .22lr and have almost no problems any more . IMO there is most certainly much more unreliable rimfire ammo out there then centerfire ammo . Thats why I did not want to get into rimfire reliablity issue .
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