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If you're getting that many failures to fire, I'd say its a gun problem, rather than an ammo problem. I've shot many thousands of rounds through AR's in the past and I can't recall any failures to fire in factory rounds. There may have been one or two, but it was so rare that I can't even remember it. Most was Lake City M-193, and PMC commercial M-193 back in the 80's. My guns were box stock Colts.

I know a guy that built an AR. He had some sort of match trigger, and had many failures. He thought it was the ammo (even shipped some back), but he had a lot of "ammo problems" before he put a regular trigger system in it, then the problems went away.

I had a problem with a Remigton 788 in 308 with military ammo. It didnt reliably ignite some of the cheap surpuls that was available at the time, so I sold it. The Ruger 77 I have has fired all the surplus stuff I've shot in it without incident.

So whats up with the 22 rimfire stuff? I've seen some allusions to it not being reliable. I've had very few problems with any that I've shot. More than centerfire, but nothing I'd consider worthy of comment.
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