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Handgun new brass - for the first loading I just prime and let the expander make the case mouth round. No other actions taken.

Rifle brass - two different approaches:

- general run of the mill accuracy I run the expander through the neck to make it round, I chamfer the inside and outside of the neck.

- for my accuracy brass, I run the expander through the neck, trim and chamfer inside and outside of the neck lightly, uniform the primer pockets, deburr the flash hold and weigh and sort by similar weights.

I haven't found any new brass to have any residue on it, and that is 10's of thousands of rounds (Remington, Winchester, Lapua, Lake City, Hornady) I also have never seen the need to size new rifle brass. I do check the shoulder datum length versus my standards by rifle. But what I find on new rifle brass is the shoulder is already set back further than necessary to insure it will chamber in "everything". I realize others have found problems that they now FL size new rifle brass.
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