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First I would like to say that I have never seen a Hawes before but I did a little research but found no mention of it in my catalogs but did find it in my current 33rd edition of The Blue Book of Gun Values. They have a short blurb on the Hawes Firearms as follows; They were previously manufactured by J.P. Sauer in Eckernforde, Germany and imported by Hawes Firearms in Van Nuys, Ca. Hawes was discontinued in the early 1960's. There is no listing of the different models but they give a generalized price range as follows: Center fire single actions in the $225 to $400 range, center fire double actions are $175 to $325, while the .22 rim fire models are valued between $100 to $200..
Note these values are based on the condition of the gun from poor to excellent condition.
Hope this is of some help........
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