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I'm with JMR40, choose your rifle that fits you best, and you like best, and deal with the sights if it doesn't have them. The CZ isnt a sub-par fifle, but it may not fit you, or there may be things about it that you find you dont care for for whatever reason. Handle one first before buying would be my suggestion.

I had a very cute CZ 527 in 223 cal. After handling it an shooting it, I sold it. I found I really didn't like 3 things about it, the magazine sticking out rigt at the antural balance point where I wanted to carry it, the safety was backwards from every other bolt action safety I'd ever used, and the scope mounts were unique, and a pain in the behind to find rings I liked and were the height I wanted. Fine quality gun, I just didn't like it. In general, I find non-detachable magazines in bolt guns to be nicer for all around use. YMMV.

I like having irons on my rifles, even though I prefer to use glass for the most part. I just have the sights I like put on.
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