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under 1,000 opens the field by quite a bit.
Are you looking for a metal frame? Polymer? Clay?
are you looking for double action/single action? single action only? double action only?
are you looking for hammer fired or striker fired.

personal experience has shown that one of the few DA/SA pistols I would be willing to buy would be the Sig Sauer P226. great single action trigger pull, no physical safety but it does have a decocker, great balance and very accurate. it feels good in my hands but every person is different. average retail is a little over $800

as far as striker fired polymer framed pistols go I feel that there is no equal to the Springfield Armory XDM. great triggers, very high ammo capacity, feels great in hand(again, every shooter is different), very accurate, fun to shoot, great at managing recoil, and it comes with lots of little goodies that are worthless to most but I find very handy to have for a range gun(like magazine holster and gun holster). they can be had for under $600 if you shop around but $625 is about the average.
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