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Hawes SA Revolver Navy Model 36 Cal

A long time friend and co-worker has a revolver he would like to sell or trade, it is marked on the barrel left side "Hawes Firearms Co. Las Angeles Calif" and on right side "36 Cal Navy Model made in italy" I have done some internet searching and I think it has all the proof marks.

Serial No. is 12xx. It has some surface rust, appears to have been handled at least some but fired very little. It also appears to also be a smooth bore. I do not see any evidence of any riffling in the barrel.

I have never has a "Cap And Ball" revolver before but have thought about getting one and would like to make a fair off for this firearm.

Any info as to the year of manufacture, value, or anything else please let me know.

I can post pictures in a couple of days but if anyone can chime in, in the meantime please do.

Thank You!
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