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I've been watching Hickok45's videos on the 590 and I'm almost persuaded to go that route. However, I suspect that you don't have the rifled or longer upland barrel options that you do with the standard 500.

The idea behind the increased capacity is HD/SHTF/Truck Gun. However, I can't afford multiple guns right now. (Read: my wife starts asking questions when there are multiple guns around, but not so much when there are long round metal barrels that she doesn't associate with guns.) So, I want to be able to swap out barrels.

However, I noticed on Hickock's video that he was shooting slugs from a standing position and hitting a sub-6 inch area consistently with slugs out of the 590. I believe it's a smooth bore. I know there are rifled slugs for smoothbores and non-rifled slugs for rifled barrels, correct? Does anyone have any idea how one works vs. the other?

In short, I guess I'm just looking for the most economical way to get a Mossberg 500 (or related model) to give me the option to shoot pheasant, deer, and bad guys, while retaining a high magazine capacity. Some ghost-rings would be nice as well. Suggestions?

P.S. The BPS is a nice gun. If I had the option to start collecting more of these toys, I would gladly keep it. But for now, I can't.
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