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Doc - this may or may not be an issue at some time for you with the New Vaquero as everyone is different. Mine is the 5.5" barrel in 357 Mag. When I first got mine, the only complaint I had on it were the stock plastic grips (checkered) - the points of the checkering I found to be very sharp and hard on my hands after shooting a 100 rounds or so. On another forum quite a while ago I read a post concerning this and the guy suggested pulling the grips and taking steel wool and carefully knocking the points off - he suggested steel wooling the entire grip - checkering and all. He had posted a photo of his and as he stated in his post, after the steel wooing, the checkering was much more comfortable and, the grips didn't have their glossy sheen but looked more like a Colt's original hard rubber grips.

I know that grips are a "personal" thing - some like wood some quasi ivory - smooth or checkered, etc. And, a person's hand size certainly comes in to play as well. Just thought I'd pass that on about steel wooling the grips as it was interesting and it took care of the problem for me - mine is much more comfortable to shoot now without the high points on the checkering.

Sounds like you had a great time - glad both revolvers shot well! Enjoy!
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