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bigminnow - there are currently 3 TC Hawken stocks listed on eBay. You might check them out - put in a search for "Thompson Center Hawken Stock" on eBay and they should come up.

You I might want to post a WTB (if you haven't already) under the classifieds for BP on this site as well. There are a number of BP forums that have classifieds as well - perhaps some others will post on your inquiry that can provide some links to them.

I didn't check out Track of the Wolf - you might google them and take a look. I'm sure that there are some "upgrade" stocks being produced for TC guns - over the years I've run across some of them at gun shows, Friendship Nationals, etc. - they would be pretty much what you are looking for with most of the inletting, etc. done except for the final fit and of course finishing the stock.

Just keep putting "feelers" out and sooner or later, one will show up. Good luck!
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