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Continuing saga of double-action fast draw

In my continuing attempts at mastering fast draw, I have made several holsters with various features (cant, etc.). Then I got Bill Jordan's book and decided to take a stab at replicating his "Border Patrol" style, complete with the steel insert, but inasmuch as I will never ride with it in a car, made it with a straight up and down orientation (no forward cant). I also choose to forgo my usual basket-weave and went with no decoration what-so-ever, keeping with Jordan's no-nonsense holster style.
I have not had the chance to try it out yet, having just finished it tonight. But I will try it out soon.
I have to say that it was the hardest holster I have ever made with the fitting of the steel insert, and all the required hand stitching...hands are quite sore and the leather got rather bruised. But the distressed look of the polished leather makes it look used instead of brand-new.
The only thing it does not have ala Jordan, is a muzzel plug in the end. If I deceid I need one at a later date, I have the holes there for stitching one in.

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