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Originally Posted by FlySubCompact
Do you reload those .40 cases? Just curious, because I'm kind of scared to reload my bucket full of .40 guppies.

If you do, what fps and bullet do you use?
As others have posted, yes. These will get sized back flat with Lee carbide resizing dies and they will come out like the picture below. My QC whether to reload a bulged case or not is when a overly bulged case does not fully resize with Lee carbide resizer, I will rotate the case 90 degrees and attempt to resize again. If it won't resize on the second attempt, I deem the case too far stretched/thinned and toss the case in the recycle bin. Yes, you could "fix" the overly bulged bottom of the case by push-through resizing with FCD/G-Rx die but you just can't add metal back to the case wall to make it thicker by any amount of "fixing"

I reserve verified "once-fired" 40S&W cases that were not overly bulged (passed the resizing test) for max load data. For mixed range brass with unknow reload history I will use mid-to-high range load data. (even bulged cases loaded several times with "hot" loads and fixed with Lee FCD/Redding G-Rx "Glock Rx" dies that were dry tumbled/wet tumbled with S/S pins will look like any other spent case). For 40S&W, I prefer not to use faster burning powder than W231/HP-38. Mid-to-high range loads using W231/HP-38/Unique/Universal would be my suggestion for lower pressure 40S&W target loads. I use Montana Gold/Speer Gold Dot/Remington Golden Saber JHP and Berry's/PowerBond/Rainier/X-Treme plated and Missouri Bullet Company 18 BHN lead bullet for 40S&W loads.

Originally Posted by Ejepp2
They just show the normal case expansion for being fired in a barrel with a generous chamber. The bulge is way too far up the case from the head to be due to the unsupported chamber that can cause the guppy belly. My guess is they have the glock impression on the fired primers.
Yes, these spent cases showing the same bulge were shot from Glock with factory Glock barrel as indicated by rectangle primer indents. The amount of bulge showing on these cases would be the extent I would feel comfortable reusing the case. If I see bulging greater than these and they fail to resize on second attempt rotated 90 degrees, I toss them in the recycle bin instead of fixing them with FCD die. But that's me, YMMV

Be safe

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