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I have a Ruger m77 in 338 win mag. I studied up before purchasing it, about 18 years ago. The cartridge was originally developed to be a grizzly bear and moose gun. As was already mentioned it closely matches the trajectory of the 30-06. I have found that the 30-06 150 gr is similar to 338 200 gr loads. 180 to 250 and 200 to 300 grain bullets respectively. It is easy to hand load for accuracy and there are many good bullets on the market. You will pay big $ for premium factory ammo. Mine shot federal premium 250 gr to 1 moa. I also noticed that almost all of my ammo, factory and hand loads, regardless of bullet weight hit the same point of impact at 100 yds. It is the only rifle I have owned that I did not have to change my zero with new ammo. I have heard before that some rifles in 338 would do that, but I was sceptical until I saw it myself. I have tried about a dozen bullets and loads. That is not a large number but the other 15 or 20 rifles I have owned all shoot different loads to different poi.
Also the 338 with boat tail and or polymer tip bullets have a pretty good ballistic coefficient and that makes for good long range trajectory. Have fun ( you will get used to the recoil eventually )
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