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again I fail to see where it was laid out why the mauser was a superior design

mike has asked for substantiating arguements in close to half his posts and yet all I'm reading is "zealous enthuisiasts plugging their ears and screaming enfield is better despite hard evidence" as the argument in favor of the mauser when I again can see no hard evidence posted anywhere on this thread.

what made the mauser superior? that is all I am asking, you can say my rifle is not the best all you want but many have laid out the points where enfield is better than the competition but nowhere do I see a person give one feature that is superior except how many countries issued mausers.

the AK47 is the most heavily produced and issued assualt rifle in the world and yet it seems like all the mall ninjas at the gun range carry the AR15 rather than an AK clone... there is just as much, if not more tacticool, nonsense stuff available for the AK variants as there is for the AR15 so why wouldn't more people go for the AK? because the AR, in the end, is just a better design, despite it's military, select fire counterparts being issued to only 2 countries that I am aware of(the U.S. and Canada).
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