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Originally Posted by Firefighter88
What is your ideal pheasant gun and why. What loads do you use? I haven't found my 'ideal' pheasant gun yet, not much experience handling too many different shotguns. I would love to have a Browning Citori 725 Field, but for no other reason than its a Browning, other people seem to love it, and it looks so good!
When hunting wild birds, and where I can still use lead; I use my circa 1921 Ithaca® Lefever Nitro Special™ 16ga SxS loaded with Fiocchi® Golden Pheasant® #5's. If I have to use nontoxic shot I use Evironmental® Hevi•Shot® Classic Doubles in #4 & #5 shot.

If I'm hunting state game lands pheasant release sites, which require the use of nontoxic shot; I use a Remington® SPR220 20ga SxS & Federal® Prairie Storm® Flitestopper® Steel #3 & #4 shot.
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