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Ok this is all I'm saying...when SHTF in a life or death situation (which happens somewhere everyday in this world) its either YOU or the OTHER guy (i.e. bad guy). I mean if someone were to break in your home or stick you up at the ATM, you guys mean to tell me that your going to be polite and offer them a glass of water and a turkey sandwich and say; Hey thanks for stopping by and robbing me!!!!
No, first off he has to get past my security to enter my home. Wont happen without my knowing so that is moot.

Secondly, I dont go to an outdoor atm, I use the one in walgreens or some other store so it is a free transaction and I get some level of security inside.

My point was to not go about in idiot fashion and let some thug get the drop on ya. I was trying to say it nice....a person can take certain precautions in life....or not.
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