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I've already laid that out, in detail. As have others.
Hearsay is not admissable in court, and is rejected outright in science. What you have here in this thread is a discussion of the merits of a given rifle, supported by others who fel you are right inspite of ample evidence to the contrary.
Isn't it interesting that, when push came to shove, the Mauser was on the losing end of things quite a bit more often than the winning end?
Read what Scouse has to say about that
WWII was not won or lost by who had the best rifle, nor was WWI, I would argue.
As for a relevant incident to dispell your myth- Dunkirk ring a bell? Those pesky losers chased the SMLE-carrying winners right off of the continent. Yep, sure, losers.

And in the longest-running war of the 20th Century, the winners used Mausers. Of course, the losers rearmed with Mausers and tried again.

Countries armed with Mausers: 30+
Kingdoms armed with Lee-Enfields: 1 (the rifle that lost the British an Empire).

But enough. It happened almost 100 years ago. You to yours, and I to mine.
Never try to educate someone who resists knowledge at all costs.
But what do I know?
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