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alright Mike, I know we seem to be in the same trench as it were in this particular debate however I would like to point out the while you are true that the victor writes the history books the arguement(I'm not sure if you were being ironic or not) but by the end of WWII America was using more M1s than 1903A3s. semi autos, while in the right, properly trained hands, offers a huge advantage over a bolt action(despite the M1's En Bloc drawback). while Germany and Russia both also had Semi Autos(the K43 for Germany and the SVT40 for mother Russia) both parties felt that, for the same reasons mag disconnects were so prevalent in WWI was that giving a soldier a semi auto would cause him to fire wildly and waste ammunition. combined with complicated manufacture both parties produced them as support weapons and focused mainly on making the already proven bolt actions of their respective armies and really never issued them in force the same way America did.

also, Germany was spead way too thin to support the empire that Hitler wanted. since "Arian superiority" was law of the land, Germans were largely the only ones fighting(a couple exceptions, yes but the majority were german). oppositely however allied troops were not picky at all about who they let fight alongside them, Italians, free french, English, Australians, Canadians, India, China, Russians(enemy of my enemy in those cases), it didn't matter, if they wanted Germany or Japan out of the picture then they were all for it.

Germany was defeated by semi Autos and sheer, overwhelming numbers more than who had the best bolt actions in that case.
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