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Tube fed .22lr's need the Spee-D-Loader!!

For anyone with a tube-fed .22lr that wants faster reloads, you should look for a Spee-D-Loader. I have one for my 2 Marlins. It holds around 15 .22lr rounds and you can do a 'dump' down the mag tube once you've removed the mag rod part.

It isn't as fast as a 10/22 magazine swap, but it is almost as fast.

These are .22lr rifles. The 10/22 can be reloaded in a prone position much better than a tube-fed magazine like the Model 60. But, this is a .22lr! If we are concerned about a shootout, shouldn't we be using a bigger caliber than .22lr?

I approve of the Model 60. Ruger 10/22s are good also, but they are not for me, based on my desires/tastes/needs/wants.

Oh, for the person who had problems with ammo other than CCI, I have a few question: How often do you remove the bolt and clean the action? When was the last time you replaced the springs in the action? How many rounds have you fired? Do you store it with the hammer back, or do you 'dry-fire' it to leave the springs untensioned in the gun?

I bought a used Glenfield Model 60 [Marlin, made for some department store]. It had problems. I swapped the springs in the action [all of them] and I have no problems any more. I don't know how many rounds had been fired before I bought it, but it was filthy inside. Now it shoots all the ammo brands I have tried.

I figure that springs need to be replaced periodically, be it in rifles or handguns. If that hasn't been done in almost 2 decades of frequent use, I would expect performance to decline in any gun. If the gun sees 50 rounds a year, it shouldn't matter too much, unless it is stored cocked.

Just my thoughts.

Seriously though: check out Spee-D-Loader. I can't find the manufacturer's website. I had it once, but can't find it now. However, a search shows the device for sale at a few websites.
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