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M1A EBR build

Hey all, my first post in quite some time. I am looking into modernizing my M1A and I've almost got it all figured out... But not quite.

After thoroughly researching all my options I've decided to go with a VLTOR stock. Everything else was either too heavy (McMillan, JAE, Sage) complicated (Blackfeather RS, getting it here AND installing it), expensive (McCann CF stock is cool but $900 is a no go), or just uglier than a bag full of @**holes (Troy).
Here's what I've decided on so far:

Drop in the VLTOR stock, toss the VLTOR Emod butt and pistol grip, replace with Magpul MOE stock and MIAD grip, top it off with an ARMS-18 mount and my EOTech 552.

I also want to put a Magpul AFG on it and here's where I'm hitting a wall. I won't put a cluster rail up front, too expensive and too heavy. Who knows of a way to put a rail that runs directly underneath where the top rail is on a Scout squad?

Also I'm open to any suggestions I haven't already ruled out (see above) especially if they cut weight or cost.
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