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"Sure, Mike, as soon as you prove that the LE was superior."

I've already laid that out, in detail. As have others.

Far greater rate of fire, especially when compared to the K98 rifle of World War I with its lovely straight bolt handle.

Superior sustainable rate of fire due to a magazine capacity double that of the Mauser.

Ballistics and accuracy figures that were comparable to the Mauser of any stripe.

Now here's a meaty little tidbit...

Isn't it interesting that, when push came to shove, the Mauser was on the losing end of things quite a bit more often than the winning end?

If the Mauser truly was the best battle rifle of all time, it just goes to reason that the Germans should have crushed the Allies conclusively and permanently, resulting in A) WW I ending in a matter of weeks (von Schleifen, eat your heart out), and B) subsequently the world never sees WW II, where vaunted Mauser is most vauntedly mauled to hell and back again.

What's that saying?

The winner writes the history?

Here's a correlary (sp?)...

The loser NEVER has the best of anything, because it didn't make him the winner.

Oh, and regarding the finest military minds on the planet at TFL?

No, we just have individuals who have more than a little experience with all of the rifles put forth so far, and are able to judge them critically, assess their faults and their strengths, take into account their historical application and impact, and turn a blind eye towards the Homerism that seems to be so prevalent and which so often tends to drive conventional, but tremendously flawed, "wisdom."

"I grab my enfield no4. based solely on how they behave on the range"

Ah ah! Naughty!

If your range time can't be fully expressed in numeric tabulations, it didn't happen!
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