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I for one don't hate them. Then again, I don't inisit on them either. I guess I am just indifferent to the whole thing. Some of my pistols like my XD, Beretta 92, Glock, P38 and M&P45 have them while others like my 1911s, CZ75, older Glocks and P90 for example doesn't have one. I might use them if they are equiped with one but I am still apt to do a press check anyways. None of them have ever caused a functional problem and I never found it to be an astetic problem so for me, it's really a non-issue. The only time I refused to buy a handgun with a loaded chamber indicator was when the Ruger MkIII came out. I heard about the problems of the LCI firing the round if it was struck so that turned me off of them and towards an older MkII. I mean, a loaded chamber indicator that rests on...the...primer....of a.....RIMFIRE cartridge........uh, no thanks, I'll pass on that one. That was the only occasion where I felt it was a real issue to worry about.
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