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A gun friendly librarian who encourages a patron to bring a gun into the library.
Hah, yes indeed. Though sadly, while at work my holster must sit empty. Ohio laws being what they are, I did specify to him that I would likely need to look at it in the parking lot.

He has not returned yet. But I am hopeful as my own curiosity has definitely been piqued.

Powderman, that Colt looked pretty darn nice for it's age and use. And yes, I'm familiar enough with antiques to know that refinishing an old dresser, much less a firearm, is a horrible idea if one does not know what they are doing.

Is oil a bad idea? I don't plan on doing anything with it other than looking and attempting to identify it - certainly not wanting to "bubba" anything. I already told him that I would need pictures at the very least.

Hopefully I will have a better idea of what he has at some point soon.
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