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The divorce judge doesn't have to order that you split them with your spouse, he can simply order you to sell them and split the proceeds. Or, the judge can put a value on the NFA items and off-set your other assets by the value of the NFA, letting you keep your guns, but take more than 1/2 of everything else away from you to compensate.

Also, depending on how long you were married, what you had prior to your marriage may no longer matter. Every state is different, but generally the longer you were married, the less a judge will say you own "prior" to your marriage. If you were married for 25 years, the judge isn't going to want to hear about the $10,000 and Colt Python you had prior to your marriage. He'll just tell you - "Well, you could have made her sign a prenuptial agreement.........but you didn't, so it's 1/2 hers now".

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