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Moon Clips

Here is the answer to the moon clip dilemma:

1. Buy enough moon clips to load all the ammo you like to shoot in a session (if you will shoot 50 rounds get 10 MCs)

2. The day before you are going to shoot turn on a football game and open a beer, I prefer Guiness, but to each his own.

3. Load the clips while you are watching football and drinking beer. You will hardly notice you are doing the loading.

4. Go shooting, have fun, pop a few holes in the beer can from the day before.

5. After shooting turn on a football game and open a beer.

6. Unload the clips (one of the tools sold makes this a much easier process) into a coffee can or something if you want to keep the cases for reloading, or straight into the trash if they are steel. Again with the distractions of football and beer you will hardly notice the unloading.

7. repeat as needed.

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