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I don't see anything wrong with such devices for deer in WI.

It does not appear to be a problem for Idaho either, so long as the electronic device isn't used while attached to a firearm other than illuminated scopes), though you cannot use electronic calls for deer, but can for certain other big game. You could use sensors, it would appear. The battery powered regulation seems to only apply to what is attached to the firearm or calls.
Maybe you can find where such is limited?

in a lot of states night vision scopes are authorized for coyote hunting...that sounds like it would be a blast to try out but for hunting deer I wouldn't like that much, having to find the thing, gut it out in the dark and proceed to drag it back in the dark..... no thank you

infrared also just seems like a waste of money, heavy underbrush will conceal the animals heat signatures anyway.
Infrared works better in heavy brush than night vision. I have both. Night vision requires both light and contrast to see things. A well camo'd animal in daylight is well camo'd with night vision save for the possibility of eyeshine if you are using an illuminator. With thermal, animals glow. A hog concealed behind 2 feet of tangled briar that you can't see with a flashlight, normal eyesight in daylight, or night vision (not enough light or too much light reflected from the foliage from your illuminator just like with a flashlight) can often be spotted readily by the bright white glow showing through breaks in the foliage. Thermal vision is very cool.
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