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I do not believe you can "push-through" resize 9mm cases using FCD as the base is larger than the case mouth/neck -
NOTE: 9mm cases are not able to be used in the Bulge Buster because it has a slightly tapered case and the rim is not completely flush with the case.
9mm Glock barrels have comparable case base chamber support as Lone Wolf/KKM barrels and don't seem to bulge the case base as much as 40S&W cases fired in factory Glock barrels with hot loads (And I load 9mm jacketed loads to near max load data).

Here's a bulged 40S&W case showing the "guppy belly"

Here's a bulged 9mm case showing a smaller "guppy belly" (keep in mind that 9mm is a tapered case and the bulge shown is actually less than what it appears)

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