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I'm not a salesman for the stuff, but for the last several years I have been using a product called "Scent-a-way". I figured it was easier to kill the human odor, than to disguise it.
The way I proved it to myself, was an old kitchen trash can, we were using at camp, that smelled like something rolled up and died in it. We sprayed it with every kind of Glade and Freshen up thing we could find and nothing seemed to work.
Opening morning as I was getting ready to leave camp. I was spraying my scent away on my boots and clothing, and just kind of as an after thought, sprayed the trash can down with it, and the odor was totally gone. I thought it might just be my nose, so I asked the other guys to smell it, and no one could smell the odor. Since then it has become a staple item at camp, and we all go together and buy the stuff by the case and split it up between us.

I use it around the house all the time, as the price is almost the same as buying air freshener, and it works better.
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