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I went out to the range with my friend, ValhallaGardian, and my dad to sight in our rifles. It took damn near the whole time to sight in the SGWorks kit because I was all over the place and couldn't find where my bullets were landing. After 50 rounds, I was finally on paper, then I handed the rifle over to Valhalla and jumped on the camera to get a few action shots. More to come as we get this system dialed in. The gun worked FLAWLESSLY, not one single jam. A side note, however, that steel magazine I was using was fed HP rounds and worked like a champ. When I tried to load it up at home with FMJ's, it jammed up tight. The curve midway down the mag caught the tip of an FMJ and I had to smack the bullet out with a dowel to release the follower. Unfortunately for me, I'm going to have to go on the lookout for another steel mag in the 10-20rnd range that will top load and feed reliably with ALL types of ammo. Oh well, you live and learn, here's the video:

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