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I'm not a user of pellets either, but I have been told that the difference in price is because of the extra steps needed to pressurize the powder into a pellet.
The pellets are equal to 50 grains each by volume, not by weight, so weighing them will never work. It would be the same thing as measuring 100 grains in your powder scoop and weighing it, then loading it again and tapping on the side to pack the powder, then filling it back to the 100 grain line, then weighing. The two measures would weigh different.

I don't like them because I can't fine tune my loads, and my groups suffer between a 2" and 4" group at 100 yards. At the 50 yard line, there seems to be very little difference in my groups, but I loose that at 100 yards.

They are a lot easier to load in a hurry, and if your range is not to far, I guess they would be alright if your pocket book can afford them, but they just aren't for me. In some rifles that I have seen at the range, they seem to shoot very tight groups in some rifles, but I just don't happen to own one of them.
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