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You're welcome ....( and will one of you call my wife and put in a good word for me please...) ...

and on registered shoots, yes, I wouldn't shoot my reloads either - at least not in real big tournaments like State Championships.

But do yourself a favor ....on some of those promo loads...cut a couple of them open ...get a sheet of glass or something really smooth...and pour the shot out onto the sheet of glass ( into a towel at the bottom of it - or into a box or something to catch everything ) ...and see if it pours relatively straight or you get a bunch of debris or dust ...( or rocks ) or whatever...and a lot of semi-round shot that wander off the path...

same with Gun Club ...Estate's - or Rio's or whatever...and STS for that matter....and see if you can see a difference. My hunch is'll see way less "flyers" or improperly sized shot / or shot that is out of round - in a good premium shell like STS - than most of the others. When some of my buddies and I did this a yr or so ago ...we found some shells looked like they'd just swept up stuff off the shop floor and dumped them in there.../ in a load of 8's ...we had sizes up to some 4's probably.../ and more dirt or lead dust than you would expect / and in some, even some rocks - or something that was harder than the lead anyway ..

Inside 25 yds a 12ga ...maybe it doesn't make any differnce...and none of us shoot registered to make our living ...but I'd hate to lose 4 or 5 targets in a tournament because I was shooting cheap shells.../ besides if I shoot STS shells - I just keep the empties and bring them home.

( if I were going to shoot cheap throw away shells...I'd shoot the Rio Sporting loads...some are blue, some are green/I forget which is which...but 1oz of 8's around 1210 fps is my personal choice in a 12ga shell as a throw away / and they make one at about 1280 fps ( a 3 DR EQ shell ) if you want something that fast...and they make a 1 1/8 oz as well...if you think you need that).

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