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If I may get off the rifle part and discuss the methods:

Yesterday I attended a Mouse Gun Match, pistol and rifle designed for speed more then accuracy (not my ideal, but I didn't run the match).

I was the only one shooting a bolt gun, and if I may brag a bit, I was pretty quick with my CZ 452. Not competitive with the 10/22s and such, but I did all right for a bolt gun.

Anyway, we got to taking about rapid fire with a bolt gun and the British method (mentioned in earlier post) of using thumb and trigger finger on the bolt and the middle finger on the trigger.

I wasn't a fan of this idea, shoot I have enough problems with trigger control using my trigger finger.

Anyway, one guy, using my CZ decides to try it. First time he ever tried this method.

I was quite impressed. I think it might warrant a little investigation and practice. Looks like one could get a bit faster with this method.

I'll give it a shot and see what happens. I figure the worst thing that could happen is I'd waste some 22 shells.
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