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Originally posted by dahermit
If I really wanted a revolver with as few moving parts, and thus as small a chance for malfunction, as humanly possible, I wouldn't buy a S&W regardless of the lock but rather a Ruger. You see Rugers lack a rebound slide and hammer block and, with the exception of the Six Series DA revolvers, their ejector rods cannot come unscrewed.

Unfortunately, they have locks now too, albeit hidden under the grip where S&W should have designed them (or in the back of the hammer ala Taurus), also if they absolutely had to have them. Then we would not have the I.L. supporters whining about people whining about them.
So again, we're back to looks. As I said before, if you don't like the lock because of looks, that's fine and I won't argue the point. However, I do notice that there are a lot more people complaining about the S&W lock for reasons other than looks than there are about the Taurus and Ruger locks for any reason at all. Like I sad before, out-of-sight out-of-mind.

Originally posted by MLeake
Webley, I won't buy a Taurus - too many friends have had too many lemons - and I was not aware of the ILS on the LCR when I bought it. (I no longer have the LCR).

I do not believe my old GP100 had the lock. I traded the GP100 for a Colt 1917 that definitely does not have a lock.

My new S&W handguns, 442 and M&P auto, were specifically purchased as no-lock variants.
The Rugers with come equipped with the lock include the LCR and sinlge-actions like the Blackhawk and Vaquero (I don't know if the Single Six or Bearcat have them). To my knowledge, the GP100, SP101, Redhawk, and Super Redhawk are not currently offered with locks (though I wouldn't be surprised if that feature was incorporated into them in the future). There are also some Ruger semi-autos with locks including the P345 and, IIRC, the SR9/40.
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