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Funny thing about events "not happening here." For many people in many communities all over the US, it never happens there. This doesn't make the mindset correct, but only notes that the mindset is fully supported with long term support for many people in many communities/locations.

It is a funny thing that we are vigilant because we know it can and does happen, even if it hasn't happened to us...and we have the stats to back up our assertions. At the same time, the naysayers have have the stats to back up their assertions as well. Even if it does happen in their community, it still may be wholly unlikely to happen to them...statistically speaking.

On the down side, those living in remote areas where "it will never happen" may feel confident that it won't and it certainly may not, but if it does, help isn't likely to just be minutes away (which is already too long), but 10s of minutes away.
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