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Hello, I am new on here. If I had read more reviews, I probably would have been scared to buy this gun. I bought a CPX-2 a few weeks ago. I was impressed with the gun as it seemed like a great gun for the money. It sure looked better made than anything else in the price range. I have since shot about 300 rounds through it and love this gun. Not a single problem and it seems very accurate at 7 yards and at 30 yards. The trigger pull is very smooth but heavier than I would like, but I am used to a Thompson Contender with a trigger job. This is my first defensive hand gun. My old home protection gun was a AK 47 and I only shot the TC in competition. My CPX-2 was made in July 2012. It seems like earlier problems have been addressed. I have also not experienced any lose pins. Seems like a perfect gun. I am not sure what spending hundreds more would have gotten me. I am now looking for a full size hand gun and the Ruger SR9 or SR40 Looks like a good value for my second gun.
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