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I dunno if you have made your decision already based on your other thread, but I don't like the tube style red dots. I don't understand where they would be better then a reflex set up. My brother had a Bushnell tube red dot on his AR for a couple months and ended up having me sell it for him. When I shot it I hated it. With that specific model it seemed that you had to sight in each reticle style (it had like four styles) so that's a lot of time and money to sight each one in.

To me the tube style is good for if you want magnification for longer distances. The reflex style is the way to go if you want shorter distances (I can still reach out to 100 yards or further with my eyes) and if you want faster target acquisition and wider field of view.

Really I can't find any redeeming qualities in the tube style red dot. If someone has some please let me know so that I can be more informed.
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