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Long overdue range report...Vaquero

I am not smart enough about cartridge revolvers to tell you anything you don't already know but here goes.

I was shooting BPCR loads of 200 grain RNFP bullets and 28 and 35 gains of 777. I also shot a hundred rounds of bought cowboy loads (smokeless powder 200 gr. RNFP.)

I did not chrony the shots this time. There were other things I was trying to work out.

I shot the Vaquero interchangably with the Uberti Cattleman both of 5.5 inch barrel length.

The revolvers shot essentially the same. I was getting everything within the seven ring at 15 yards bench rested. (I am not a great shot.) I did have a coupla fliers which I can attribute to my own lapse in concentration. But the performance of the two pistols was similar. (Not a big surprise I guess.)

Both of the pistols seemed to gum up at about the same time. They wanted to be cleaned up after about 18 rounds. (I load all six so three cylinders and I will probably drop that to two.)

The Ruger stays looser than the Uberti when it comes to pulling the cylinder pin.

The Uberti has a relatively difficult half cock. It is a little difficult to find and it is easy to go past half cock which will eventually be damaging to the pistol if I am not careful.

I like the Ruger design of no-half-cock. Open the gate to roll the cylinder.

The checkering on the grips of the Ruger make it easier to shoot the heavier load than the smooth wood grip Uberti.

Both of them kick like a mule at 35 grains. I am going to chrony the two loads next time at the range to see what kind of speed I am getting from the lighter load. (I was getting 950 to 1000 fps from the Uberti with 35 gr.)

All in all this Vaquero is a dream of a pistol. But I must tell you that learning that the Uberti was as much fun to shoot as the Vaquero was gratifying. I now have two cartridge revolvers I am happy with and none that I am not.

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