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NAA built a top break "modern gun" & found they couldn't sell them / or make them as cheaply or easily as they had thought... they are still around for sale, but command a very high price... ( I wished I'd have bought one at release )

... so it is possible, just would appear that there is too much hand work to overcome in building them???

...on my last CCW range re-qualification, I used a shortened ( snubbie ) S&W top break spur trigger in 38 S&W, & had no trouble qualifying

I collect them myself, & have more than a dozen of the various top break revolvers

BTW... they do have their quirks, & I had one happen when I was re-qualifying, but I shoot them enough, that I had no trouble "fixing it"... the stroke on the ejector is pretty short, & if you don't do everything right ( position of the gun, & ejection routine ) the empty cases can get caught under the extractor star... if this happens, it can be more difficult to fix than when it occasionally happens with a manual eject revolver
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