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As perhaps you recall....

....I was experiencing trouble with misfiring primers.

Using Winchester WLP.

Situation is that one in six shots failed to detonate the primer even though the primer had been dented by the firing pin.

Same situation on two brand new revolvers.

Tried seating the primers with an Auto-Primer after seating with the press alone..No change.

Brass from various sources. No change.

I have been through three hundred rounds and the problem persists.

Guy from the "Revolver Armory" in Suffolk, VA told me that if primers are stored at 115 degrees or higher for three or more days, their performance degrades to the point where they are unreliable. He also sais they are susceptible to degradation from humidity.

I bought some Federal Magnum Large Pistol primers at the show yesterday.

I will post how they do.

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