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Gun show in Virginia Beach

Went to the GS yesterday.

Good selection of cap and ball revolvers. Best price was an 1860 Colt from Pietta with box and papers for 150.00. Almost sprung for it but I am trying to add to the cartridge herd.

Very little in the way of .45 Long Colt. Ruger Vaquero just like the one I bought a coulpa weeks ago. Nice Colt for 1300.00.

Interarms 1873 Colt in .38/.357. used ($420.00 negotiable with a full box of shells)

No lever rifles to speak of.

I did buy a hundred rounds for 51.00. Also bought a thousand Federal magnum primers for 30 bucks.

Talked to a guy who runs the biggest revolver armory in the area. He gave me some pointers which I will post elsewhere.

All in all a pretty nice experience.

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