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I go to the range in the wee hours of the morning or i take a day off of work to go. Sometimes i do have the range to myself ( not to often ). It is sweet to have it all to yourself for a while. As for getting used to it?, Never let someone else shooting bother me. Stay focused on what you are doing and forget the rest. Now and then i get a 300 or so shooting along side me,but just time your shots after his. As stated in the other post,Most of the people there are very good people. They are not different than you. Just wanting some range time. I can't count how many friends ( and i stress friends ) i have made in the last 3 years shooting out there. Once you meet and talk to hem it is like shooting with friends

Doc Hoy-- your reason are just for sure. Those people at the range i go to don't last long. Sign at the gate say's No Bottles,no,ect ect. If you see someone doing this tell them to stop. If they do not.We write down liscense plate number,One call to local Sherriff and that person has dissapeared from the range. Once every 3 months we police the range and pull down old targets and wood and such. It's a community range so getting people to help is easy. EVerytime i go set up targets i pick up the trash ones on way back to bench.
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