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I am one of the relatively few among us who is with you on the range experience.

I don't like shooting with others around me but in my case it is for all the wrong reasons and also in my case it has severely slowed my learning progress.

I was in the Navy for 26 years and must have been on a pistol or rifle range a hundred times during those years.

I experienced every level of shooter from those who were exceedingly good at the range to those who would have been dangerous even if you never gave them any bullets.

I came to value the solice of shooting alone because of the things I saw happening even when the range was under the control of a very capabale rangemaster.

I know very well that my experience with military ranges operated to provide basic familiarity fire is vastly different from the ranges at which everyone there was shooting because they wanted to.

I finally found a place to shoot alone and for me it is about a 25 minute drive which is very doable.

Occassionally someone else will be present and if you check my previous posts, you will see that it is generally a negative experience. SKs on full auto just to hear the noise. No policing of the spent brass. Shooting bottles and then leaving the broken glass all over the place.

In the end I believe that the controlled environment of CAS or clubs or at the range is valid, valuable and enjoyable. It is just something I don't care to do.

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