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Maybe it's a regional thing, but Im always shocked on the brands/stores that come up on these kinds of internet discussions and never include mention of LL Bean, which not only sells some of the toughest, most fantastic Hunting and outdoor clothing anywhere (the wilderness of Maine is every bit the equal of Alaska - I've been a 10 day hike removed from a road crossing there), but their prices are fair (indeed often times much much better than anywhere else), and they stand 100% behind their product.

It doesn't matter how old it is. In what shape it is. What you did to it. If it fails you (ie: if the seam on your 25 year old daily boots breaks) they will repair or replace it no questions asked.

Only brand I would ever swear by is LL Bean.

I've worn their duck boots, the greater hunting shoe ever, nearly my hole life. Upland, I wear their upland hunting/hiking boots. Both pairs of boota I have from there are 20+ year old and still going strong (I also have a pair of Merrell Wilerderness off piste hiking boots that are bomb proof which I our got from LL Bean but they are overkill in 99% of situations, sadly Merrell Boots today are a distant relation to what they once where).

I'd strongly urge you to get their hunting catalog or check out their web page.

You won't see much in the latest sucker camo fashions or BS scent control technology that cabelas tries to waste your money on, but you see everything you actually need.

As far as Wal mart goes, the others are mostly spot on. Don't get boots there. Anything else is fine, in nearly 90% of situations you find yourself in hunting in. Some may wear out sooner than others, some may fail utterly, but that's all part of the learning experience.

I have a couple pairs of dickey jeans from Wal mart I wear hunting a lot. I pick up random other stuff there. Some local stores carry better selections than others. But at the end of the day the only way to know what you want, what you need, and the reliability and durability of that is by your own experience.
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