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I'll try to answer some of your questions based on my experience and research.

I started to start a new thread, but thought I just as well stick to this one.

1) I think the shorter ones like most of the military use look the best, but, I know cosmetics are not the important thing here. BTW, are those short ones on the military "Red Dots"?

If you are talking about Trijicon ACOG's, yes they are technically red dots (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Usually they are a fixed magnification like 4x, or sometimes no magnification depending on the optic.

There are also Eotech's which are Holographic Red Dots. I highly recommend Eotech's for civilian use as it allows for true targat acquisition with both eyes open. With red dots you still have to close one eye sometimes.

3) I've only looked thru 1 red dot, and it seems to me that I might as well be looking thru plain piece of glass, except it has the red dot. So as for those, I don't see the difference than say, having the iron sights. They seem about the same to me.?

It's really all user preference based on what your purpose is. A red dot allows for quick target acquisition. It will also allow you to shoot with both eyes open.

On the other hand, with Iron sights you have to focus your dominant eye and close the other. it usually takes longer to acquire your target with iron sights.

4) All I've ever had are the plain ol variable, magnification scopes. I got this rifle basically because I wanted it before the anti-gun politicians try to ban them again. I'll use it for self defense, varmints(you know, that covers a lot of territory, don't it?) hunting. So, I'll probably be looking at a variable of sorts, unless yawl can convince me that there's an advantage to a red dot.?

It's really up to you. What I recommend is getting different optics/scopes for different purposes; don't limit yourself to just one.

A variable magnification scope is great for shooting long distances, but not for CQB. A non-magnified red dot would be better for close ranges. The beauty of the AR platform is that you can switch and change out your optics at anytime (if you are not in a time constraint, and with the right setup i.e. flat top upper receiver)
Just for example,here are my different optics. I can switch them around to any of my other AR's if needed.

Iron sights only

and a Red Dot
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